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Our products

Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK! That’s right, we love working with other UK businesses because it means we’re close to the factories that help make our products, and we enjoy the cuppa when we go to see them.

Our Freebird and Homebird coolers have been developed from real-life experiences. Once we had the very first prototype we took it camping and saw what elements could be improved based on what we needed it to do. The first development was introducing a shorter version as we realised our Homebird had a bit too much height. Sitting around campfires on camping chairs generally means you’re lower down so having a smaller version in our range was essential.

We have some clever additions to our products, our powder coated champagne tray and mineral oiled bamboo top complete our freestanding champagne buckets – making them the best bar and functioning side table ever. Each part of our product have been considered and materials chosen for their unique properties. Our powder coated components are built to last, and our rotomoulded bowls are UV treated and hardwearing in all weathers. Our bamboo, renewable, and mineral oil coated for hygiene!

Our products have freedom and good clean fun designed in! We are building a family of products that have the same design ethos that are made to have fun, but also make life outdoors simple.

We have some very exciting add-ons for your Freebird and Homebird coming soon making them a great investment for your garden, patio or kitchen! Take a look at our growing range of accessories here.

our mission

We believe in well made products which have many purposes that suit a range of lifestyles. Whether you party hard, indoors or out, we want your drinks to stay chilled while looking the bees knees.

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