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How to use your cooler in Autumn and Winter

There’s no denying that the days are getting shorter, the nights a little cooler and that big ‘C’ word has started lingering. That’s not to say that your cooler has to go into hibernation, though. People still need cold refreshments and entertainment, throughout autumn and winter more than ever!

We’ve narrowed down some of the easiest ways to utilise your cooler in the chillier months, you can thank us later… 

Buy a cover

It’s not always possible to keep your cooler indoors or in a shed or garage, but there are ways you can keep it protected while the weather’s a little more unpredictable. Even if you’re keeping your cooler in a garage or outside annex, it’s wise to keep it covered to prevent any damp or damage.

This cover keeps the muck out and will keep your entertainment cover safe. If you’re lucky enough to own one of our bamboo chopping boards, make sure you keep it in a moisture-free place. Chopping boards can be left under cover, but only in the open air. So if you’re keeping your drinks cooler in a shed or garage, don’t risk it! Keep that bamboo from swelling and ensure it’s nice and warm in your home. 

Autumn drinks

Switch to shorter legs

It might not be a sentence you’d find in the latest issue of Vogue, but shorter legs are hot this winter! On a serious note, if you have a Homebird /cooler, buy the smaller legs to convert it to a Freebird Cooler. It’s a much better size for indoor gatherings and means you can prop it on a centre table or on a kitchen counter for your next party.

Indoor celebrations

Although this summer was due to be PACKED out with sporting events, everything has been put on hold for now. However, the Premier League season is restarting, Premiership rugby starts again in November and plenty of other sporting events have been scheduled for this autumn. 

Many sports stadiums will be without crowds, so it’s inevitable that you’ll be needing to bring the live sport into your home. Whether you’re settling in for a day of football, or staying up late for that next UFC fight, use your Freebird Cooler as a fancy cool box by the sofa so you don’t need to move a muscle. An ice cold beer definitely beats a luke-warm halftime pint!

Equally, if a pamper night is more your thing, set your cooler up in the centre of the room to keep the prosecco at arms reach. Little effort required, optimum relaxation achieved… 

Apple bobbing at Halloween

Use your cooler for seasonal celebrations

Your cooler doesn’t only need to be used for keeping drinks cool, it’s a versatile piece of kit! Fill your cooler with water, throw in some apples and voila! The perfect tool for apple bobbing this Halloween!

Along the same lines, fill your cooler with water and float some ping pong balls in it. Set the timer going and see how long it takes each family member to remove all of the balls from the cooler and into another bowl with their mouths alone. It’s a hugely fun game which you could crack out for Christmas or even just a fun wintery night in with the family.

However you choose to spend your time this autumn and winter, make sure to keep safe, happy and healthy. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our contact page, or email us at

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