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How to use an Outside Gang cooler table

We love enjoying cool refreshing beers and love hearing that you enjoy chilled drinks too! It makes us sad when customers tell us something didn’t quite work, so here are the basics to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cooler table.

Outside Gang Cooler Table Bobbing For Apples

Insert plug and screw in tight
Ensure the Tri-Sure plug is screwed in tightly so that you get no leaks.

Outside Gang Cooler Table You Must Add Ice

Fill with minimum 2 kg bag of ice
Our cooler tables don’t rely on electricity or battery power. But they do need ice! We recommend adding at least one 2k bag of ice to your cooler table to keep your beers and bottles nice and cold. Each cooler has insulated walls that slow down the melting process by keeping the air around the ice chilled. Without ice there is no magic cooling power! It’s like digging a hole in the ground, the sides around the hole are insulated which keeps the air inside cold.

Outside Gang Cooler Table With Ice

But before your ice… add your drinks!
By putting your wine bottles in first followed by the ice, you are creating a barrier so the warm air has less chance of getting to your chilled beverages!

Outside Gang Cooler Table Dark Stone Freebird

Keep your lid on!
If you have a Freebird or Homebird Champagne Cooler Table or Entertaining Cooler Table… Keep your lid on. This gives the warm air outside less chance of getting in, and the cool air inside less chance of getting out, so you’ll have cold drinks all evening.

Outside Gang Cooler Table Chopping Board

Store your bamboo chopping board indoors when not in use.
This is really important as we’ve had a few upset customers asking what’s happened to their board as it’s been left out over winter. You must take it indoors away from rain and frost when not in use. Bamboo doesn’t like the rain, infact no chopping board does. Use it as a cheese board over winter, it’s a great size for big gatherings!

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