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How Outside Gang came to be

Hey and welcome!

Whether at home or away, I love exploring and I’ve always passionately believed in the benefits of an outdoors lifestyle. Getting outside and spending time with friends and family is so important to me and the health benefits that come with that are a key part of my life.

In my photography career, I spent plenty of time designing studio layouts and shooting campaigns in dusty, remote and faraway locations. I’ve worked in so many venue’s and set’s, products and brands that when it came to finding a product that was well-designed and suited my outdoors lifestyle, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Let me take you back a few years. The idea for bink outdoors began back in 2015. I was looking at my barbecue and realised it was missing a convenient side kick; something I could use to wash and prepare food more easily or maybe just to keep a few beers cold. I realised there was a need for a freestanding multi-purpose product that would make this experience more fun and easy. The first prototype stood out as a cleverly designed product and the homebird and freebird came from there.

After three years of testing and prototyping, we are proud to release our homebird and freebird products as part of the bink outdoor range. These products have been developed to be visually striking, exciting and fun as well as completely versatile. It was very important to us that the products were not only eye catching and useful, but inspired people to get outside! And by taking our time to refine and develop these products, we are confident they can inspire people to be outside and ‘stand up’ to any outdoor challenge (no pun intended).

We’re convinced that the homebird and freebird are the best cooling food prep sinks on the market and now the time has come for you to put that to the test. Send us your pics over on instagram (@outsidegnghop) and tell us your favourite way to use yours.

Founder and product scientist


Our mission

We believe the best place to be is in the great outdoors, so we want to create cooler tables that make being outside that little bit easier and a lot more fun. We want our products to enhance your adventures and make you dance with joy!

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