How long do the coolers stay chilled for?
We have tested Freebird and Homebird and both have kept our ice icey for 16+ hours with the lid on – all of our tests actually measure 16 -18 hours! The way our insulated coolers work is, when the lid is on, the warmer air outside the cooler has a smaller chance of getting in as the insulated cooler walls and lid act as a barrier. We always tell our customers to always add ice as this will cool the air down inside, which keeps your drinks cooler for longer.

How do I keep my Homebird or Freebird looking it’s best?
Give your Homebird or Freebird a wipe down after each use to make sure any spilt drinks have been removed. It’s UV proof and tough so it can be left in the rain, sun and snow! Simply store your bamboo chopping board lid indoors or under cover in a dry place when not in use. It doesn’t like the British weather and we can’t offer returns on chopping boards with water damage.

Do you offer price match?
Yes we do!! Simply send us a message before you order with the URL of where you have seen it cheaper and we will send you a coupon code to match the price. This only applies to orders that have not yet been made.


Short delays on all orders. As we are a team of two and live in the same household, we are able to carry on working as normal as possible with a toddler running around! Graham packages the orders in isolation at the warehouse and passes them onto DPD to send out. Due to high demand, orders are going out a bit slower than normal. Each bowl is individually made and we are making as many as we can! We thank you for your patience. Please get in touch if your order is urgent and we will do our best to get it to you quickly!

Where do you ship to?
We currently ship to the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe – yay! We will be adding locations so get in touch via contact@outsidegang.com if you’re not yet on the list!

How long does shipping take?
We normally aim to process your order on the next working day, but due to high demand, it’s taking us a little longer as we’ve had a backlog of orders to get through! We have nearly caught up, so orders should be processed within 3 working days. We use DPD who have delivered our orders at rapid speed during the pandemic.


Do you offer returns?
Yes we do, you have 14 days to fall in love but if you have changed your mind and can package your order back up in its original packaging in a perfect condition. Please email contact@outsidegang.com and we will let you know where to go from here. Please note we do not accept returns for unwrapped chopping boards or chopping boards that have water damage.


Not answered your question?

Use the contact form below quoting your order number to get in touch, or send us a message on social media. @outsidegangshop

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We believe in well made products which have many purposes that suit a range of lifestyles. Whether you party hard, indoors or out, we want your drinks to stay chilled while looking the bees knees.

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