How long do the coolers stay chilled for?
We have tested Freebird and Homebird and both have kept our ice icey for 16+ hours with the lid on – all of our tests actually measure 16 -18 hours! The way our insulated coolers work is, when the lid is on, the warmer air outside the cooler has a smaller chance of getting in as the insulated cooler walls and lid act as a barrier. We always tell our customers to always add ice as this will cool the air down inside, which keeps your drinks cooler for longer.

Do you offer price match?
Yes we do!! Simply send us a message before you order with the URL of where you have seen it cheaper and we will send you a coupon code to match the price. This only applies to orders that have not yet been made.

Caring for your cooler

How do I keep my Homebird or Freebird looking it’s best?
Give your Homebird or Freebird a wipe down after each use to make sure any spilt drinks have been removed. It’s UV proof and tough so it can be left in the rain, sun and snow!

How do I look after my chopping board?
Simply store your bamboo chopping board lid indoors in a dry place when not in use. It doesn’t like the British weather and we can’t offer returns on chopping boards with water damage. Clean your chopping board with water or white vinegar and let it dry out before storing. We recommend lightly sanding and re-oiling your chopping board with mineral oil, coconut oil or beeswax whenever the wood looks dry to keep it looking like new.

Help my chopping board has water damage!
If you’ve left your chopping board out in the rain and it’s turned dull or black looking, don’t worry it can be rescued. Simply leave the board to dry and then sand off any discolouration manually or with an electric sander. Then re-oil with mineral oil, coconut oil or beeswax.

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