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High quality drinks coolers and tables made for entertaining.

*Business is operating as normal! (But we are fed up of Covid!)*

We create our insulated coolers in a range of styles and heights to suit any entertaining space. They are the perfect drinking accessory for those who love luxury items for the home and garden. Built to last and made in the UK.

About our coolers

The mineral oiled bamboo chopping board is perfect for chopping food and the champagne tray turns the cooler table into a mini-bar for serving drinks. The insulated bowl can chill wine and beers for up to 16 hours. Just add ice and your drinks!

Totally new and unique, our products spark fun and good vibes. Manufactured in the UK.

The ultimate champagne bucket.

Our insulated cooler tables, make the perfect ice buckets. Available in a range of colours, our cooler tables are a striking alternative to a standard silver champagne bucket. The insulated walls ensure the ice stays colder for longer. For an even colder glass of fizz, keep the lid on to stop warm air getting in. Stand by your dining table for a premium serving area.

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Our mission

We believe in well made products which have many purposes that suit a range of lifestyles. Whether you party hard, indoors or out, we want your drinks to stay chilled while looking the bees knees.

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